Debt help in Australia - List of recommended companies

The debt-burdened mass in Australia is at a rise. Almost majority of the debtors, over there, are at confusion about their capacity of repaying debts on time. According to a recent statistical analysis by the Veda Advantage study, about 81% of the Australian population is perplexed regarding their debts. Four in five of the Australians are unsure about their ability to repay their debts over next 1 year. In fact, more than two million Australians have confessed that they are at the dark concerning their subsequent debt payments.

Recently there has been a 28.6% increase in the credit defaults. Statistics say that people having a household income of less that $70,000 comprise of the debt-afflicted inhabitants of Australia. According to the statistical report of, 111,176 number of people have gone bankrupt over the last five years till 30th June 2007.Shortly, the total no of bankruptcies has increased to 17% and over 65000 people have added to debt agreements.

The Australian government has thereby taken a noble step to offer a very authentic section for the people who are in deep debt. Debt, being a complex thing, to tackle such an issue demands a planned and effective procedure. The DebtCC community has efficiently proved itself in this context over and over again.

DebtCC debt help in Australia

The Debt Consolidation Care (DebtCC) community has made a name in providing genuine support to the debt-burdened people. Presently, we have extended our helping hands to the debt stricken mass of Australia. Though, we have not initiated any service in the Australian domain, but our community empowers in assisting the debtors with authentic guidance.

Recently we have stated up with a Forum, exclusively for the Australian community. It is true that we are not operating in Australia, but we provide you with valuable assistance from the most proficient companies. We have selected some of the best companies of Australia, who exclusively deals with debt consolidation/agreements/ bankruptcy. These companies have been selected on the basis of their customer satisfaction record and competence.

How we select a company?

We follow a rigorous process in selecting a company. Following are the steps towards collecting the list credible companies in Australia:
  1. We contact some sites that are overly recommended by our community members.
  2. We ask them following questions:
    • Why you?
    • Some of your achievements.
    • Services you offer.
    • Your contact.
    • The complete process.
  3. After getting the response we talk to some of our community members and senior coaches.
  4. Once it is approved by the community and coaches we add them to the list.
  5. We keep on collecting the feedback about the company from various sources including their customers.

Last Updated on: Wed, 11 Jul 2012