Christmas & Santa Claus

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Christmas and Santa Claus

Christmas without Santa Claus? I just can't imagine. I was casually browsing through the net when I suddenly stumbled upon some interesting facts about Christmas and Santa Claus. I want to share some interesting information with you all.

Santa Claus - the Legend

According to folklore, origin of Stanta Claus legend can be traced back to thousands of years. Sometime around 280 A.D there lived a monk called Saint Nicholas in Patara, a place near Myra of Turkey. He was renowned for his kindness. He gave away all his inherited belongings and wealth to the poor and moved to the countryside for serving the destitute and sick.
One of the most popular folklore about St. Nicholas is that he saved 3 sisters from being sold by their father into prostitution. He gave dowry to their father for marrying them off. St. Nicholas's good deeds made him popular among the masses and soon he came to be known as a protector of Children. December 6, his death anniversary, is celebrated as his Feast Day.

How did Saint Nicholas become Santa Claus?

In Dutch, Saint Nicholas was pronounced as Sint Nikolaas. Name of Sint Nikolaas was shortened to Sinter Klass. "Santa Claus" evolved from St. Nicholas's shortened name "Sinter Klass".
Legends of Saint Nicholas started to become popular in America during the end of 18th century and slowly but steadily transformed from Sinter Klass to Santa Claus.

Some more Santa facts?

Father Christmas story

When did Christmas become popular in America?

Christmas started to gain popularity from 19th century. Americans transformed Christmas from a raucous festival holiday to a family oriented peaceful festival.
During the early nineteenth century, rioting during Christmas season was a common phenomenon. In one such Christmas riot in the year 1928, New York police first came out to maintain peace in the city. From this time period, people belonging to the upper classes began to change Christmas celebration from a raucous one to a peaceful get-together of the entire family.


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