5 Christmas gifts you can give to your friends at low cost

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It often happens that you want to give Christmas gifts to your friends and relatives but are short of funds. You may want to pamper your loved ones with decent gifts but don't have requisite cash. Well, you may be surprised to know that there are some gifts you can give to your loved ones within your limited budget. Read on to know about 5 gifts you can give to your friends and family without spending many dollars.

5 Interesting Christmas gifts

Here are the 5 interesting Christmas gifts that you can give to your friends and family without spending much money:

1.Home-made delicacies: Homemade delicacies make a good Christmas gift. Homemade chocolates, truffles, fudge are quite easy to make and are extremely delicious. You can even make some Victorian sweets, gingerbread, shortbread, carrot pineapple sweet bread, etc. and gift them to your friends. An interesting tip will be to keep these delicacies in beautiful boxes, tins and decorate them with ribbons.

2.Handmade crafts: If you're good at cross-stitching or crochet, then make your friends a Christmas gift utilizing the talent you have. You can make beautiful dishcloths, gloves, scarves, wall mats, etc for your friends and make them feel even more special.

3.Bouquet: Do you have a beautiful garden in your home? If yes, then you can give a beautiful bouquet to your friends. Pick your friend's favorite flowers from your and make a bouquet out of them. Your friends will surely love this gift.

4.Collage of pictures: A collage of pictures make a nice Christmas gift. You can make a collage of pictures and give them to your friends and family. You can collect pictures from their accounts in various social networking sites and print them. After printing the pictures, assemble them on a cardboard till it is completely covered with photographs. This will make them remember and preserve the beautiful moments of the bygone days.

5.Candle-light dinner: Prepare a delicious meal for your loved ones on the Christmas night. For instance, knock your friend's door with the meal you have cooked. Turn off the bulbs and light up scented candles in his/her dinning room. If your friend doesn't have proper dining room, then roll a carpet on the floor and place candles and pillows around them. Your friends can enjoy the food with each other's company.

Finally, you can record all the favorite songs of your friend in a blank CD and give it to him this Christmas. You can even put those songs in the CD that remind of you of them. Always remember Christmas gifts become special for your friends when they come from your heart and not from your money.

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