Green Christmas: Feel the nature's essence with Santa at less

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Green Christmas: Feel the nature's essence with Santa at less

It can be a real nightmare to shop for Christmas gifts especially if you haven’t invested time in shopping in advance. Besides, you should think if the gifts that you’re buying are actually harming the environment. If you want to leave a ‘green world’ for your kids, then it’s time you embrace the ‘green’ theme this Christmas. Wondering what exactly you need to do to celebrate Green Christmas? Read the full story.

Green activities: What you can do while hunting for gifts

Check out the 5 green activities you can indulge in while buying gifts in this Christmas.

1. Look for durable gifts

You should consider those gift items that have a long life span. They should definitely be of good quality if you want them to last. There is no use gifting something that has no longevity.

2. Avoid big brands

You must give good and durable gifts but it is not necessary that these gifts have to be from big branded shops. Try to avoid super market chains and big brands when shopping for Christmas gifts. You can look for gifts at craft stores or at co-operatives where you may get the same items but at lower prices.

3. Try unique ideas

You can look at second hand book stores or you can even gift some antique items on Christmas Eve. Try out new and unique ideas that can add that special touch to your gifts. You can also gift items that have disappeared from the current trends; this would make your gift stand out in its own unique way.There are many green gadgets that can be solar-powered devices, eco-toys or water clocks. Go for gifts that are eco-body care products. These products are organic and free from harmful chemicals.

4. Go for battery free gifts

Try to buy battery free gift items because discarded batteries are very harmful for our mother earth.Try to buy naturally powered such as kites, wooden push toys, white-wings Gliders for our environments sake. Rechargeable batteries are not advisable as these are also harmful.

5. Use DIY cards

Utilize your creativity and help the environment. Try to make homemade invitation card to invite friends. Thus, you can save money on expensive cards. Your own creation will make your guests happy as well.

Green decoration: What you can do to enjoy eco-friendly Christmas

Check out the 3 steps you can take to enjoy an eco-friendly Christmas.

1. Grab a live Christmas tree

As plastics last for long time, you tend to buy plastics made Christmas tree that are reusable. Buy it will loose it’s color and glamor over time. Besides, discarded plastics are very harmful for our landfills. So, if you pick a live tree, then it can serve lot of purpose. You can sell a well grown tree with handsome amount of money and you can avoid shipping cost of a plastic tree. Above all, a live tree will help you to feel a fresh Christmas. It will be a real fun to decorate a live tree with young kids. Your kids will love a live tree. Consider buying live potted tree that you can reuse over the year.Moreover a live decorated Christmas tree will enhance your yard’s beauty. Decorate the tree to attract birds. Use black oil sunflower seed, suet, to attract birds.

2. Save energy with LED lights

Try to use small sized outdoor bulbs to cut down the electric bills. LED lights are good to reduce energy cost and decoration as well. Turn the lights off at the bed time. It doesn’t make sense to waste energy when everybody is sleeping.

3. Choose alternative way of gift wrapping paper

Metallic gift wrap papers are also harmful . Try to use hemp, recycled content to wrap gifts. Moreover, you can switch to old calendars, maps, posters, fabric gifts bags, comic strip wrapping paper, news print roll-end while wrapping gifts.

Recycling is the key

According to the study. “Each year, 50 million Christmas trees are purchased in the U.S. Of those, about 30 million go to the landfill.” If you want, you can reduce such massive environmental pollution. Your simple effort can make your place better. Try to keep the gift wrappers and bubble wrap and give them to shipping center to reuse them. Keep any pricey and special gift wrap with you for second use. Recycle your electronic good as well.

What are the things that you must not buy?

When you are choosing green gifts for Christmas, these are certain things that you must try and avoid.

  • It is not at all advisable to buy items that have been overly packaged.
  • Buying anything that is made of endangered wood is not advisable
  • You must also try and avoid goods made of plastic, PVC or goods that are unsustainable.

Christmas is time for merriment. But its your duty to experience the joy in a way that favor our mother earth. Teach your kids about nature’s value. Your kids will enjoy live birds on live Christmas tree. Take your old binocular to see local birds at local park during Christmas. Your determination and little effort can make this Christmas different and remarkable for ever.

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