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The festive season has begun. It is the time to rejoice with your friends and family. It is the time to celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ with full enthusiasm. However, people often get too much carried away with the parties and wreak havoc on the earth. Loads of waste materials, excess use of plastics, unnecessary use of fuel, etc. are some examples of how Christmas celebrations create a negative impact upon the environment. If you love Mother Nature just like Jesus, then it's time to go green in this season. This will help to fulfill 3 purposes – save environment, placate Santa Claus and protect your wallet.

Tips to have green Christmas party

Here are the 5 tips to throw a Christmas party while saving the environment and dollars.

1. Send eco-friendly Christmas cards: Most of the people send tons of Christmas cards to their friends and relatives. Almost all the Christmas cards are thrown into the trash or waste paper basket. Don't you want to be little different from others on this issue? If yes, then you can invite your friends and relatives through e-Cards this season. This way you'll be able to save paper. You can know about the people who will actually come to your party. You can plan accordingly and avoid overspending.

2. Use recyclable bags: Use bags that you can re-use at any point of time. You can make these bags on your own or you may buy from the market. You'll easily get bags made in recycled leather. These bags are smart, trendy and fashionable. You can use these bags for carrying goodies. You won't have to throw these bags once the festive season is over. You can use them in the next season also.

Apart from bags, you can use reusable water bottles. The earth is already filled up with heaps with plastics. If you want to save environment, then encourage others to use re-usable water bottles too.

3. Use LED lights in your house: Who doesn’t love to decorate the house with lights during Christmas? Unfortunately, these lights consume a lot of energy. Hence, you get a huge utility bill at end of the festive season.

Use LED lights to brighten your house and Christmas tree. These lights consume less energy and electricity than that of the incandescent lights. You don't require huge power sources for these bulbs. Moreover, they last for a long period of time.

4. Arrange a potluck party: Ask your friends, neighbors and colleagues to cook one food item and bring it into the party. Imagine the variety of food you'll have in the party without using much fuel. You won't cross your budget and yet can have a great meal with your friends.

5. Use disposable containers: Avoid non-recyclable containers just because they are less messy. Remember that these utensils lead to lots of wastes and create land pollution. Serve food in dishes and clean them up after the party is over. You don’t have to buy non-biodegradable plates and waste money. You can even request your friends to bring some dishes with them. There is no shame in asking your guests. In fact, they would love to be an active participant in the Christmas party.

Finally, use real Christmas trees instead of an artificial one. This will help you go green in the real sense. You can replant the tree every year. Take care of the tree and don't throw it away.

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