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In the United States, Cyber Monday is observed on the first Monday after Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday. It’s viewed as the biggest and the busiest sizzling shopping day for deals and discounts in the nation. It marks the opening of the holiday shopping season in the country.

The phrase “Cyber Monday” was framed by the marketing companies to tempt people to shop online. This term was designed by Ellen Davis. It was launched on 28th November 2005 in a press release by Shop.org.

According to the Shop.org/Bizrate Research 2005 eHoliday Mood Study, "77 percent of online retailers said that their sales increased substantially on the Monday after Thanksgiving, a trend that is driving serious online discounts and promotions on Cyber Monday this year (2005)".

When is Cyber Monday this year?

This year, Cyber Monday will be celebrated on 30th November 2015. So, be prepared to grab some cool discount offers.

Where to search for Cyber Monday sales

There are many websites that will offer you great deals and discounts on Cyber Monday. Grasp some refreshing deals at these online shopping portals given below:

  • cybermonday.com
  • dealnews.com
  • savings.com
  • gottadeal.com
  • amazon.com
  • etsy.com
  • half.com
  • couponcabin.com
  • retailmenot.com
  • shoprunner.com
  • bfads.net
  • ebay.com
  • freeshipping.org

“In 2014, Cyber Monday online sales grew to a record $2.68 billion, compared with last year's $2.29 billion. However, the average order value was $124, down slightly from 2013's $128.”

Cyber Monday 2015: 10 Unique tips to save money

Are you ready to save a damn good amount of your paycheck this Cyber Monday? Get some smart tips from the given points:

  1. Assemble and save coupons - Coupons can save a good deal for you. Try to save more coupons to get more benefits. Andrea Woroch, a consumer money expert says that "Stacking coupons is when a retailer allows you to use more than one coupon on the same offer”.
  2. Pay attention to verbal marketing - Always take advantage of what people say. Use online shopping portals like fatwallet.com and slickdeals.com to save big on Cyber Monday. Pay attention to verbal marketing and what people are posting about different products on various shopping websites.
  3. Sign up to get the best offers - Cyber Monday deals and discounts are only available for a limited time. So, make sure you don’t miss out one. You can sign up to get emails directly from the retailers.
  4. Check out the reviews before you buy - Product reviews are a great help to save money. So, before you indulge in buying anything, check out different shopping portals for reviews. You can get some quality reviews from amazon.com.
  5. Shop from product specific sites - Search for product specific websites. For example, websites like pronto.com has a definite database for fashion, home, and kid’s stuff, whereas websites like shopping.com and bizrate.com offer best prices on bigger items like big screen TVs and so on. Price comparison websites such as PriceGrabber and Yahoo Shopping sort through the listings, mark the best deals, and let you know when prices fall.
  6. Look for discount sites - Go to smartbargains.com and overstock.com and snatch some good deals on branded items from previous seasons, store closeouts, or refurbished electronics.
  7. Sign up to get price alerts - Sign up for websites like zappos.com and get notifications about any reduction in the price of items. PricePinx bookmarklet also helps to keep a record of the changing prices.
  8. Opt for a promotional code - Promotional code is another thing, which can save your dollars. To get a promotional code, Google words like “coupon code” or “promotion code” along with the shopping website name. You can also find promotional codes on retailmenot.com.
  9. Analyze shipping costs - Are you a shopaholic? Then sign up for a shipping subscription service to save on your shipping cost. For instance, if you’re a ShopRunner member, then you can get free two-day shipping and free shipping on returns for buying holiday gifts. Pick up free shipping coupons from freeshipping.org.
  10. Take advantage of cash back - Websites such as fatwallet.com, shopathome.com, and ebates.com offer shoppers to get cash back on online purchases besides retailer discounts. You can also check out your cards and redeem points to get cash back.

Cyber Monday: 5 Cool apps to shop on

Who doesn’t like to save a few bucks on their paycheck? Do you eagerly wait for a shopportunity? Then download these 5 cool apps in your smartphones or tablets for a hassle free shopping:

  • savings.com - This one is free and easy to handle. With the help of this app, it's feasible to get the latest coupon codes, to compare prices with various retail sites, and so no.
  • BuyVia - This app has customizable features to help you select products you’re willing to buy. It notifies you when the items are on sale. It also brings all your favorite websites together and helps you to compare the shipping costs.
  • Coupons at Checkout - Install this app to find coupon codes easily. Just type the name of your preferred retailer and the app hunts for available discount code savings.
  • RetailMeNot - RetailMeNot is easily navigable. It searches the Internet and provide you with the best deals. Only you need to enter a retailer’s name and RetailMeNot does the rest of the job.
  • cybermonday.com - cybermonday.com needs a special mention. It’s the official website for Cyber Monday. You’ll get awesome deals from over 800 participating retailers. This app gives you an opportunity to shop by category, featured deals, and also helps you to search for coupon codes or specific retailers.

Black Friday vs Cyber Monday: Who’ll be the hero of 2015?

According to some recent investigations in 2014, Black Friday sales have beaten Cyber Monday sales. Let’s have a look at some of the exotic sales statistics:

  • Last year, 40% of the holiday shopping had happened online.
  • In 2014, Black Friday sales have overlapped Cyber Monday sales. Cyber Monday 2014 generated $2.65 billion revenues. Whereas, Black Friday 2014 created $2.4 billion yields, adding to that is the $1.33 billion sales of Thanksgiving Day.
  • Black Friday online sales have grown 24% as compared to previous year. Online sales on Thanksgiving Day is growing 25% year-over-year (YoY). Besides, Cyber Monday 2014 sales only accelerated by 16% as measured to the Cyber Monday 2013 sales.
  • This year it’s estimated that Black Friday sales will defeat Cyber Monday sales.
  • Black Friday sales are sprouting faster because retailers are offering unbelievable deals and discounts both in stores and online.
  • According to a 2014 key finding - shoppers have spent $2.65 billion online on Cyber Monday (16% growth YoY) while $32 billion online on Black Friday (14% growth YoY).
  • Black Friday 2014 saw $129.37 as the average order value.
  • As per new analyst sales data, Cyber Monday sales shook due to Black Friday sales, which marked the biggest online shopping event of the year. Black Friday is observed as the new Cyber Monday in 2014.

Now, my dear readers! My question to you is - Can Black Friday retain its top position as far as shopping is concerned? And, will Cyber Monday regain its lost place? Think about it and do let me know of your findings.

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