14 Frugal yet romantic ways to say "I'm yours" this Valentine's Day

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14 Frugal yet romantic ways to say "I'm yours" this Valentine's Day

“Love is in the air”! All of you’re smelling love as the special Valentine’s Day is around the corner. There are so many things to plan to make the day more special.You need to choose some nice ideas to have fun, a nice gift to surprise him/her and something more to express your feelings in a special way. Besides, you shouldn't forget about the budget. Don’t feel crazy as it’s quite normal to feel out of ideas before any special event. I have some ideas that you’re actually going to love. The best part is that all my ideas are affordable. Specially all gifts that are mentioned in my article are within $10.

Frugal fun ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day

Keep your V-Day holiday expenses in control with this fun filled and affordable ideas.

1. Catch the concert

Music college department can throw live concert event on V-Day for couples to promote their new singers. Try to search the venue online and enjoy live concert with your partner at your city on 14th Feb. Exhibitions are also great way to enjoy the day. Explore nice painting while sipping a glass of your favorite cocktail.

2. A nice night out on the cheap

Search online to get discounted restaurant gift certificates. There are many deals available on sites like restaurant. com, Gilt city. You can take advantage of this deals and can enjoy a nice night out after a delicious dinner with your sweet.

3. Get foodie with your sweetheart

Both of you can enjoy heart shaped cookies, candies, sandwiches, cupcakes to start a perfect Valentine morning. Buy a basket of V-Day special flavored muffin for your sweet toothed partner. Eat drink and enjoy a wholesome V-Day with your partner.

4. Enjoy the togetherness at your sweet home

If you want a cosy feel with your sweetheart at home then ditch all the other ideas. Just turn on your favorite music or TV channels and enjoy the chit chatting with your partner. Enjoy the togetherness and cherish all your old memories (may be your first V-Day , date) sipping hot chocolate at home. I think nothing can be more enjoyable ideas like this.

Frugal yet romantic ways to say “I Love You”

Gifts are always on top when it comes to the event like Valentine’s Day. This is probably the most popular way to pamper you “king” and “queen”. The day when you’re going to celebrate your love you shouldn't think about your budget as there are ample of gifts which are cheap yet romantic. All are gifts are within $10. So, grab these gifts and say “I love you”.

Gifts for your “queen”

1. Heart shaped necklace

Though the heart shaped chain in very common but your girl will love the gift when you help her to wear it in front of the mirror. And the big part is, this type of neck chains are available under $10. You can get this type of cheap necklace on a popular online shopping portal like amazon.com. Bracelets are also very popular among girls!

2. Mirror Plaque

Buy a pretty mirror plaque and write down your own feelings for her. You can get customized mirror plaque with in $7.

3. Scarfs

Give her all season scarfs available in market. Scarfs are very trendy these days and she will look very smart with any outfit in any season. Your honey will loved it. You can get the scarf within $8.6.

4. Ditch the red roses, give her purple orchids

If she love flowers and you get bored of red roses then pick purple orchids. No need to buy red roses which are available $50 for a dozen specially on V-Day. Grab the purple dendrobium orchids within $10 and pamper you queen. The best part is orchids last for 7-8 days fresh at home. So, it’s quite a worthy gift to dedicate love.

Gifts for your “king”

1. Classic sunglasses

If your man look too handsome with different types of shades then give him a nice sunglass on V-Day. Sunglasses are available within $10.

2. DVDs

Go for digital movies or DVDs for your man. This is the most popular way to delight even a most un romantic fellow. Choose the movies according to his taste and favorite genre. (action, thriller,horror so on)

3. Folding iPhone stand

You can give a folding iphone stand for your gadget lover guy. He can refresh his moods at office desk viewing favorite videos , playing games. This type of hand free stand can be perfectly fit in his wallet and he can enjoy his free time as well. You can get it within $4.99.

4. Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

This types of opener are available on amazon.com at 7.47. It’s quite handy and useful gifts for boys.

Why not do something new and make this Valentine's Day an earning Day? You can take up a part-time job in a suitable industry or make gifts on your own to gift your special someone and at the same time, sell some to earn.

Make your Valentine Day morning more special with this easy recipes

This section is included in my article because it’s one of the main thing that matters :). Feel more warmth on V-Day morning with your partner. Here I’m presenting two easy breakfast recipe that both of you can make to feel him/her more special. Enjoy rest of the day according to your own plan!

1. Nutella Hot Chocolate

Ingredients:(2-3 serving)

full cream milk: 2 cups
Nutella: ⅓
Mini marshmallows:1/3 cup

How to prepare

Heat the milk (full cream milk) and whisk in nutella. Remove from fire and pour in to a coffee mug and dip the marshmallows. Add cocoa powder to get strong chocolate flavor.Try this hot chocolate on V-Day morning.

2. Tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwiches


Butter: 1 Tbsp.
Finely chopped onion: 1/4 cup
Small pressed clove garlic: 1
Paprika: 1/4 tsp
Softened Neufchatel cheese: 3 oz
Skim milk: 3/4 cup
Condensed tomato soup: 1 can
Diced tomatoes: 1 can (15 oz.)
Basil leaves: 3

How to prepare

Place a saucepan over medium heat and melt butter. Add onion, garlic and cook until it get tender. Add paprika, basil and cream cheese. Stir it in the milk and soup until it get smooth. Add tomato slice and cook. Constant stir to get smooth soup.

Cut the grilled cheese sandwiches (previously bought) like heart shape by cookie cutter and enjoy a healthy morning on V-Day.

Bottom lines

Beyond all my ideas, gifts, cards, chocolates there is a promise “love forever” can make yourself and your partner more happy. So, select a thoughtful gift instead of pricey one. I beleive simplicity is the best way to enjoy togetherness.

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