How to evade medical bills while you are traveling

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How to evade medical bills while you are traveling

The USA is listed in the top bracket of countries with the highest medical costs and medical debts.

Medical debt alone is a big driving factor in leading people towards bankruptcy and making other life-changing decisions.

But nowhere can we see a near future where medical costs won’t be this high. My concern is, what happens when one falls ill and is in need of some medical emergency or treatment while traveling.

Guess that’s when the main problem strikes in. Travel costs and medical bills merged together, and one is in utter financial binding.

So I have come up with this post to figure out how to evade medical bills while you are traveling.

What makes medical bills go so high when you are travelling:

Probably the biggest thing that matters is foreign doctors and hospitals.

When you are travelling, it is presumed that you are in a distant land away from home, where all the faces are unknown.

So any problem you face, you got to face it alone, all by yourself.

Moreover, there are huge chances of fraud, when it comes to a foreign land.

Again there are evacuation charges when one lands into an accident. Plus other high-end transportation costs.

Then comes the hospital bills and other miscellaneous expenses like tests and equipment charges.

When all these are counted together, the bills are about to pass your expectations.

Here are 5 tips to lower medical costs while traveling

1 While planning your trips consider medical costs separately:

This is not to demoralize you, but you should always think about the worst case scenarios beforehand.

Many things can happen once you are out there roaming around and seeing the world.

Accidents are the first case that you should have in your mind. Falling ill, fevers, cold and cough, are completely in your hand. Stay fit and you can evade them.

But road mishaps and accidents are something that includes fate. So you must be prepared accordingly for such unexpected expenses.

You surely have a budget in mind before you leave on a trip.

From now on, have a different section that will be dedicated towards emergency medical expenses. And this amount should be huge. Say, if your total trip costs some $1K, then you must keep an extra $300 separately in hand for these type of unforeseen costs.

2 Buy travel insurance:

To be on the safer side, it is always better to get yourself insured. Precisely, there’s no good alternative to insurance, except having ample personal savings.

Travel insurance is practically very important. It has the capability to get you covered in many situations. It will cover your medical expenses, hospital bills, evacuation costs during accidents, and so on.

On top of that. if you purchase an adventure/extreme sport travel insurance, then you will be covered for injuries suffered while performing high-end activities like running, playing, diving, jumping, and many more.

So don’t go uncovered while planning your trip.

Have a detailed talk with your preferred insurer and see what policy suits best for your trip plans.

3 Maintain an HSA:

Most employees have the benefit of Health Savings Accounts.

Don’t overlook it. This account has a cash value asset which gets rolled over year to year. Not only that, you can use this cash value to satisfy other expenses as well.

Also, you can get better medical and health insurance terms if you have an existing HSA.

As you can see, this HSA works as savings and it will be of great help even if the amount is not used for medical expenses.

4 Have a thorough idea about any country’s medical cost scenario before you plan to travel there:

This should also be your concern.

Before leaving for any specific country, get a good knowledge about the medical costs, nearby hospitals, well-known doctors, and so on.

This way you will be in good control of any situation you might have to face.

Also, don’t forget to have a full body check-up by your family doctor before leaving on a trip.

This full body check-up should be one of your main priorities.

5 What if you still incur medical debts:

Keep yourself calm and don’t panic in the foreign land.

Come back and then try to handle the situation. Carry your credit cards over there, so that whatever debt you incur will be surrounding your bank in the USA.

Once you are back, you can handle the situation headache free.

You can participate in the Debt Consolidation Care Forum, to get help regarding your debt problems.

Or you can also call us anytime between 9 am to 6 pm (PST) at 800-3328-913. We will help you out, the best we can.

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