Give a new look to your financial house in the year 2012

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Are you fed up with your current financial state? Do you want to give a brand new look to your financial house? If you can get an overall makeover through your personal stylist, then you can change the appearance of your financial house too. Obviously, your personal stylist will not be able to help you out on this matter. However, you can have a financial makeover on your own with little effort. Read along to know about some simple but effective ways to get a financial makeover.

Ways to change the look of your financial house

Here are some ways in which you can change the look of your financial house for the better in 2012.

1. Opt for a credit card with lowest rate: Take out a credit card which suits you the best. If you have to frequently go for business tours, then you can opt for a credit card with special reward programs. If you're going through debt problems, then you can take out a credit card with low interest rate. Browse through different websites and compare different credit card deals. Find the one which is apt for you.

2. Give up your cable subscription: You can watch your favorite soaps even after saying good bye to your cable operator. You can catch the soaps online for free. All you may need to do is watch an ad before the program starts. The best part is that you can watch the programs while traveling too. You don't have to sit in front of the T.V for catching a specific program.

3. Find a bank that suits your financial needs: If your bank charges new fees frequently or you have to pay high fees for using ATMs of other banks, then change your banker soon. Switch to a bank which offers various facilities to its customers.

4. Have a free trip during the holidays: You may think that it is impossible. How can you possibly have a free trip without paying a dime? You can take your family to free vacation by taking advantage of special reward programs. If you're a member of hotel chain in the country, then you may get to stay at the hotel for 2 days and 3 nights without paying any money. All you need to do is keep a tab on the special deals offered by the hotels and airlines. Check out the websites where the airlines and hotels advertise special deals. Keep all the documents ready so that you don’t miss out the opportunities.

5. Calculate the magic number: Do you know how much you need to lead a comfortable life in a beach house in Florida? Are you aware of the amount you’ll have to pay to the IRS in 2012? If not, then use free online calculators to get the figures. Most of the popular financial websites offer free online calculators nowadays. So, it won't be of any problem for you.

If you're habitually spending more than your income or using credit cards to pay your utility bills, then it means that you need a financial makeover. Use online personal budget application to know how much you ought to spend in a month.

6. Reduce your food expenses: Are you spending around 70% of your income on food? If yes, then you need to change this habit to improve your financial health. Cook your favorite meals at home. Have a look at your pantry and purchase only those items which you need to prepare dinners. Don't waste foods for they are quite costly. Reduce your trips to the restaurants and departmental stores. Use coupons to complete your shopping.

Finally, you don't need to drain your funds to celebrate special days. You can win over your family, friends and relatives without spending thousand bucks. Send a beautiful e-card to your friend and invite him/her for dinner. If you don't wish to cook special dinners for your friend, then you may take the person to a small coffee shop and spend quality time with him/her.

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