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Christmas is knocking at the door and New Year is just one month away. In short, it's time for celebration. All of us love to welcome New Year by throwing a party to our friends and family. But a New Year party doesn't come cheap. Several people throw a lavish party to their friends and get a shock when they receive a huge credit card bill later on. So, it is better to host a party on a budget and avoid incurring debt afterwards. Read on to know about some tips that may help you host a New Year party without exhausting all your funds.

Tips to plan a New Year party on a budget

Here are some tips that may help you plan a New Year party on a budget:

Decide how much to spend: To begin with, it is extremely important to decide how much to spend on a New Year party. Remember, you have the whole year ahead and it is not a good idea to get into financial problems at the very beginning of 2011. Estimate how much you can afford to spend on a location, decoration, beverage, food, etc. For instance, if you have limited funds, then there is no need to invite all of your friends. Organize a small party in your house and invite your close friends and relatives.

Make simple menu: Most people spend a hefty amount of money on purchasing costly foods. A huge amount of food is wasted as it becomes quite impossible to finish all the foods. Ask each of your guests to bring one item of food along with them. This way, all of you will be able to eat variety of yummy foods with spending much money.

Use Christmas decorations: All of us love to decorate our house and Christmas tree with stars, balloons, rings, decorating papers, etc. Once the Christmas is over, don't throw them into your dustbin. Use them to decorate your house on New Year. You can still keep your Christmas tree to retain the warm feeing of the festive season. Sparkle your house with the leftover bulbs and give a festive look to your home.

Think alternatives for entertainment: There is no need to call a Dj or book a band and spend a huge chunk of money. Music is one of the most popular forms of entertainment in any party. People love to dance to music beats. So, rent music CDs from your nearest shop and play them in your CD player. You may even ask your guests to bring one of their good CDs and make your party more enjoyable.

Save on alcohol: It is said a party is incomplete without drinks. One of the easiest ways to lower your beverages cost down is to serve one of the signature drinks to your guests. Start stocking your bar with those drinks well in advance of the festive season. This way you may purchase these drinks at a much cheaper price.

By following these tips you can not only throw a good party to your friends and family but also save a lot of your hard earned money. You can still offer plenty of delicious foods to your guests, your house will sparkle and your friends and family will surely have a great time.

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