Thanksgiving Day: Thank your loved ones without draining your pocket

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Thanksgiving Day is round the corner. It is the day to have a delicious meal with your friends, and thank God for whatever you have. However, inviting your close friends for dinner when price of the food items are increasing with each passing day can be quite expensive. Organizing a dinner party on the Thanksgiving Day may not be good for your financial health. It is said that people had to spend around $4 (per person) for cooking a traditional meal on the last Thanksgiving Day. As the price of the turkey and other vegetables are expected to go up on this coming Thanksgiving Day, so it can be easily assumed that you’ll have to pay more for having a feast on the special day.

It is true that organizing dinner parties on the Thanksgiving Day can be expensive. However, if you do some planning and shop frugally, then you can enjoy the special day without getting into a credit hangover. You can have the peace of your mind even after the Thanksgiving party is over. There won't be any need to reduce your Black Friday shopping list if you do some important calculations before the arrival of Thanksgiving Day. Read along to know some tips to have a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner party without crossing your budget.

Follow some tips to save money on the Thanksgiving Day

Here are some tips that may help you save money on the Thanksgiving Day:

1. Make a checklist: Create a list of the items you'll need to serve a delicious meal to the guests. You'll want your guests to be well-fed. So, chalk out the essential items you'll need in a piece of paper. Visit the stores and purchase the necessary items a few days early. There will be fewer crowds at the stores during this time. You can choose the items at your own comfort. The price of the items will also be comparatively lower than that of Thanksgiving Day. So, you can get the best items at a cheap price.

Use coupons to do your Thanksgiving shopping. This will help you save more money. Make sure you buy all the items on a single day. Extra trips will cost you money and time.

2. Cook a few items: Instead of serving several dishes to your friends and family members, cook and serve a few delicious items on the plate. You don’t need to prepare 4-5 side dishes on the special day. The guests can hardly eat so much. Lots of food and money will just be wasted. You should never allow this. Plan your menu wisely. Cook few tasty but trusted recipes on the Thanksgiving Day. Your guests will gobble all the foods within a few minutes.

3. Purchase a frozen turkey: The price of a fresh turkey was around $17.66 in the last year. The price is expected to increase in the current year. So, a wise decision will be to purchase a frozen turkey by paying 30%-40% less than the normal price in this year. Make sure you keep the turkey in the refrigerator and cook it well. You can even go through various recipes which can be cooked with a frozen turkey. Your guests won’t be able to demarcate between a frozen and fresh turkey.

4. Serve home made pumpkin pie: Ready made pumpkin pie from the confectionery will cost you good amount of money. Instead of purchasing it from the store, you can make your own pumpkin pie. It is not too difficult to cook a pumpkin pie. All you need to do is get hold of the authentic recipe from the websites, and follow the cooking instruction properly.

5. Organize a pot luck meal: If you're hosting the dinner party on the Thanksgiving Day at your house, then it does not mean that you’ll have to shop and cook alone. It will create a great pressure on your wallet if you take the responsibility of doing all the cooking alone. Ask your friends to cook and bring one dish to the party. Your friends won't mind if they are asked to cook a dish of their choice. Rather, they will cook the dishes with enthusiasm. They will become involved with the party and will feel happy to help you in some way.

So, if some one makes an amazing roasted turkey or pumpkin pie, then ask her to bring that dish to the party. Ask each friend to bring something. This way you'll be responsible for only one dish. It will help you save your precious time and money.

Finally, if you're inviting your parents or grand mother to the dinner party, then you must be making transport arrangements to make sure they reach their home safely. In such a situation, get to know the gas price in advance. The fuel price is expected to increase in this season. You can make carpool arrangements if required. This will help you lower the transpiration cost.

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