7 Things on which you will have to spend more dollars in 2012

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Have you taken a financial oath to save more in 2012? Are you determined to keep your promise by any means? If yes, then it is important for you to know that the cost of several items is going to increase in this year. So, keeping your financial oath will not be an easy feat. Read along to know about 7 items which will become more expensive in this year. It will help you arrange your finances accordingly.

Brace yourself to spend more on 7 items in 2012

Check out the 7 items on which you may have to splurge more in 2012.

1. Fuel: The price of gas may reach $3.50 in the first 6 months of 2012. The political tensions going in the Middle-East countries are largely to be blamed for this. The shutting down of the Delaware oil refinery has aggravated the oil crisis further.

At present, people have to pay $3.32 per gallon. If Iran limits its oil exports because of the latest fights, then the price of the fuels will increase more.

2. Food: If you practically live on beef and pork, then you'll have to try to control your love for non-veggies a little bit. The cost of the general food items is going to increase in this year. However, the price of the pork or beef is expected to take the biggest hit in 2012. The price of these items is likely to increase by 4% in 2012. This will create an additional pressure on your wallet as the cost of meats has already risen by 8% in the last year.

3. Air tickets: It will cost you more to take a flight in the present year. The price of the air tickets is going to shoot up. If you're planning to fly abroad during the summer, then expect to find a 10% to 15% rise in the price of the air ticket. Most of the leading airlines are suffering from losses. A hike in the airfare may reduce their problems by a little bit.

4. Water: Water is life. It keeps us alive and fresh. There is no substitute for water. However, you'll have to take out a few extra dollars from your wallet for having this necessary item in 2012. It is said that the cost of water will be increased in 2012 in order to raise the revenue. The financial health of the government is known to everyone. So, this move is hardly surprising.

5. Beverage: If you love to drink coffee at various times of the day to remain active, then brace yourself to get a financial blow when you hit the store for purchasing your favorite coffee brand. The wholesale coffee price has increased by 18% in 2011. The popular coffeehouse chains have already started charging more for the beverages. So, next time you take your date to a café, expect it to be a costly treat.

6. Lottery tickets: If you dream to get rich through a lottery ticket, then be prepared to spend more money at present. Some lottery tickets will get costlier from 15th January 2012. If you happen to buy a lottery ticket regularly, then be prepared to spend an extra dollar for it. Some organizers are even increasing the price of the lottery ticket by as much as $2.

7. Postal services: The US postal services are desperate to reduce expenses. They have already closed some post offices across the country. Other than that, they have stopped the mail services on Saturdays. Besides, to offset their losses, the US postal will charge more for the stamps from January 22, 2012 onwards. They will be charging 45 cents on the first class stamps, a figure up by 1% from 2011. The price of the priority mails will increase by 3.1%. If you want to use express mail, then you'll have to spend 3.4% more than what you used to do in 2011.

The price of the clothes is on an upward trend since the last few years. This year will not be any exception. The average price is expected to increase between 8% and 10% in this year. The cotton clothes will become very costly. You may have to pay an extra 20 bucks for wearing the popular denims in 2012.

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