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Hi everyone,

Its a very good news that Debtcc has started providing corporate debt consolidation services. Not many companies offer corporate debt consolidation services here. So it will be a great boost for the community.

I had some good information on this topic to share with the community. Hope this will come handy for people who want to know more about how to consolidate their business debts. If you are able to consolidate your business debt then your relation with vendors will remain intact,creditors and attorneys will be satisfied.Moreover your cash flow in the business will increase which will help revive your business.

What is Business or Corporate Debt Consolidation?

Debt Consolidation is applicable for a business which is undergoing great financial stress and is under heavy debts. A Debt Consolidation is usually structured so that the company will have a significantly lower monthly payment on just one loan versus the combined high payments on numerous loans. Business Debt Consolidation and Restructuring provides debt reduction services to financially-stressed businesses and corporations who are unable to meet their current debt obligations.

Advantages of Corporate Debt Consolidation

Business debt consolidation can provide a variety of benefits, including lower payments and extra capital to invest in your business.

  • Corporate debt consolidation can allow you to consolidate and refinance your revolving, term and equipment loans and structure the payments to match your cash flow.
  • Corporate debt consolidation can reduce the number of lenders and the number of outstanding financing facilities which typically reduces the administrative aspects of managing the loans.

The exclusive business-to-business approach is applied to your business debt consolidation solutions.Senior secured debt is a strong business debt consolidation solution for companies with no existing liens on their assets and a sufficient asset base. This option can allow a corporate debt consolidation by underwriting senior secured debt, based on the value of a company's underlying assets and the stability of its cash flows. An effective debt consolidation company will calculate an advance rate based on your debt to determine how much you can borrow as a loan.


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