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A Guy name Vincent Gurieno is call all of my family members looking for me... the caller ID states 864 396 5215.

the recorded message states that:

I'm being notified of insufficient fund or check fraud complaint being file against me in county attached to my bank account.

He has left several callback number 214 865 7081, 864 396 5215 and 864 396 5219.

The also said that they are from check services SCR group

When I try to call back ...its always a recorded message.

Yesterday a process server was sent to my Uncle house to service me paper.

His name was Christopher Striker left 866 394 0840 and also a case number.

I'm not sure what is going on hoping someone can help.

I got assistant with the forum several years and I am hoping that this is not what they are calling about again.

What do I do now? I don't where to start but I need them to start calling my 80 grandfather telling him the FBI is looking for me

Any help would be appreciated!

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