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Hi all,

I received a letter from Millenium Financial. Original account was with Juniper Bank. I defaulted back in 07 and it was sent to LHR for collections. The orginial credit line was 1500, but by the time it got to LHR, it was a little over 3K (fees/interest). I paid LHR for several years, totaling about 3K. I missed a payment in Dec and the account was sold to Millenium. They want another 1500. They acknowledge in the letter that they now own the debt.

How should I handle the debt validation letter? Can they continue to pile on interest? I assume my date of default was Dec 13, since this was the last payment I made to LHR. I also plan to request no phone contact in the letter.

If I had 1500, I would pay it just to end this, but I don't have it.

Any advice moving forward is greatly appreciated.

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