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So I got a phone call this morning from a Michael Davis from a C and P group. He said that he was a paralegal from this company, and the attorney's he works for wanted him to call me in this matter. He stated that a company called DGR, is trying to come after me regarding a loan I took out in 2011. I did pay this company through another company called NCR, (Nathional Credit Adjustors) before I found this forum etc.

Here is the thing, he had my full social, where I worked, my full car license plate number, my parents home phone number, my parents names and ages. He said that if I didn't take care of this matter, I would be taken to court, (when I told him that this was a civil matter, he stated it wasn't, and I must not have listened to his full message) and that they were going to ask the court to put a lien on my car. I'm still paying my car off, and this guy stated that they already called the lien holder to let them know that they were going to put an additional lien on my car. ( funny thing is I'm pretty sure that the company he mentioned is not the lien holder to my car, he was speaking so fast) So I'm thinking this is still a scam, and they are changing up their technique, or this is something I should worry about. This man also called my parents at their house looking for them to ask them if they were the right people ( my parents) so they could serve them subpoenas. My mom and dad just hung up on them. Any way when I told him I believe this to be a scam, he stated that since I "know" more than he does good luck to me and his company will see me in court...

So where do I go from here?

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