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While many of you know that I myself climbed out of online payday loan hell early last year.. I have yet to defeat the legal lenders here in AZ that fall under registration loans, well this is the year for that.. I have or will be this week be defaulting on them as well.. I have learned that even though they are all but one registration loans that is really no different than a personal loan.. there is no real security behind them.

I have shut down my chase account and opened an account at a different location! I have changed my number and informed my references that they are free to tell them I have died... We do not have the vehicle that was used on any of them any longer any way.

I will keep you informed on the progress - I am sure that at least one or two of them will sue for garnishment of wages - I am prepared for that - but the 25% that AZ allows is still less than they are eating of my pay now...

One of them I am waiting to see what they do - Money Mart - it is purely a pay and redo on pay day... Still to me a payday loan and I am sure that the courts will agree.. Since no other information other than pay stub is taken in to consideration.

Say a small prayer for me and I will update as can!! I am sure others are in these types of loans and just too scared to try to stop them...

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