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My husband and I got out of the pay day mess in 2010. We paid off all of our pay day loans. I and my husband received a letter yesterday saying that we owed on a signature loan. The balances together were over 800 dollars. I have the receipt where I paid the pay day loans off and neither of us can remember ever having a signature loan with Cash Express. If we did, we would have paid it off the same day that we paid our checks off. My question is, this was in 2010 that I stopped all dealings with payday loan companies. Why in 2015 am I all of the sudden getting a letter stating that I owe them money. What should my next step be? I don't want to call them because I don't want them to think I am validating the debt because I really don't think it is ours. Should we leave it alone and wait for additional corresepondence.... should I send a letter requesting validation of the signature loan or should I call them and tell them I have the receipts to where I paid the pay day loans off. Are signature loans and pay day loans the same thing? Please Help!

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