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Hello forums,

Let me first start by saying how grateful I am for this site existing as the information I have found has been very helpful.

Like others I took out a loan from Western Sky and got bounced between Cash Call and Delbert Services. To date I have paid them around $5,000 over the principal I borrowed. I began getting suspicious when I could no longer get to the Delbert Services page to find out my account balance.

That's when I found this forum, I have followed the steps to secure my bank account and sent an ACH Revocation / Refund request letter per this site.

My question is now they are calling me from different numbers multiple times a day. I refuse to answer and am blocking each new number as they come up.

I have however given thought to changing my cell number to put an end to it. Do I have any other recourse to try to stop the calls? I too have gotten the e-mail from Lynette asking how they can help me with my loan. I just responded with "everything is detailed in this notice" and re-attached my ACH Revocation letter.

Thanks in Advance!


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