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I lost my job 5 years ago and had to stop paying all of my bills other than mortgage and utilities. Luckily I only had about $8,000 in credit card debt and no auto loans. That $8,000 was spread across 8 credit cards, so right now I have just one secured credit card that I got last year, and a car loan I got 2 years ago. One card (Chase Visa) was charged off last year and I received the document which I declared as income for my 2013 taxes. Other than one Target card, the other 6 cards have been charged off and placed with collection companies. I don't have a home number and they can't call my work or cell, so I am only receiving mail at home. I am working now, do I need to start paying them? Or can I just hold out for the next 2 years until the 7 year statute of limitations runs out? I need to rebuild my credit

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