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Looking for a little guidance to finally get out of a nightmare. I have been crippled by PDL's non stop for years and I am so done and so tired. Right now I really have 2 I need to go away. One is from Elastic. I have a balance of about 2250 - they take approx. $214.00 every 2 weeks of which only about $120.00 goes to principal. And the other is AWL (ugghhh), I had them before but paid it off but here I am again. This one is the one that really hurts the most. $2500 - $307.00 every 2 weeks. So right now that is a little over $1000.00 a month I am getting dinged with. I live in Nevada. At this point with other bills and living expenses etc., there is no way I can pay extra. I would appreciate any input or advice to get out from under this dark cloud I have been trapped in for so many years.....its time.

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