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I live in California and I had taken out a few internet payday loans. One from Plain Green Loans, Great Plains Lending and Spotloan. After doing much searching I found out that these companies are illegal in California. With these 3 companies I have well overpaid the principal.
I closed my bank account and sent off emails to Plain Green and Great Plains with nothing but grief from them. These 2 went to collections. They called my work which I told them NOT to call there. They haven't called back. But they call my cellphone daily (how they got that I have no clue). They've called my brother-in-law, ex-husband and my daughter.
I drafted a letter to send to them and would like your opinion.

To Whom it may concern,

I am writing in reference to National Credit Adjusters, LLC account number xxxx. I hereby demand you cease and desist ALL contact with me, and anyone associated with me, including friends, family, and coworkers regarding account number xxxxx, original creditor Plain Green LLC.

The original creditor Plain Green LLC is not licensed in the state of California to do business per California Department of Business Oversight making the contract null and void. Any further communication from you to me or anyone associated with me in regards to this illegal debt will be taken as a violation of the FDCPA and I will not only report you to the FTC and my state AG, but I will take legal action against you.

Govern yourself accordingly,

I also sent an email to Spotloan explaining to them that they are not legal to do business in Ca. and that I paid $500 over the principal. Not sure how that's going to go as I haven't received anything back from them

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