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Hello All,

I am still trying to deal with Mobiloans. I have already verified with my state department and the attorney generals office that they are not licensed or registered in the state where I reside, which is Ohio.

I have sent numerous e-mails to them, stating this fact. They deny that they are illegal because they are a tribal lender or as their return letter states "an arm of the tribe".

They did not respond to my e-mails, but rather sent me a letter stating that they would not refund me anything of my over payments. My principle total was $1500.00 and I received the loan in Sept of 2016.

I went back in my bank statements and just from January 2017 to August 2017, I had paid them a total of 1785.80. If I would have gone back to the original loan date, the total paid would be much higher.

I know that I am not going to get a refund back, however my issue is they are reporting the charge off to my credit reports and will not update my account as PIF.

They just keep sending the same response stating " Our records indicate your account is 61 days past due with a balance of $1927.14. Once accounts are 60 days past due, they will charge off and close."

What can I do? I paid back the original principle back and then some!


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