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I had a Credit One Bank credit card opened on March 20, 2013. The last payment on the account was May 13, 2016. The account was charged-off on December 20, 2016. The card had an $800 limit.

The acct is listed on my credit report as "LVNV Funding" with a balance of $1403. I contacted LVNV from the number off of my credit report. The told me the account was with Mandarich Law Group.

I vaguely remember getting something from Mandarich Law Group but I do not have it now. The woman I spoke with today from Mandarich said I spoke with them in June 2017 regarding this account and that I was going to make payments but never did. We moved the first week of July so this very well could have happened- I honestly don't know because I was so wrapped up in moving.

She told me that my account went into legal status on August 15, 2017 and asked if I had been served a summons yet. I told her now- she verified my address. Now that freaks me out that I may get a summons!! She said the balance was $1403.95 plus "expended costs of $180 for court costs" and that my account was "out for service". I don't know what that means. They have me listed under my maiden name, verified my address and my phone number.

I told her I would call her back and proceeded to freak out and tried Googling this Mandarich Law Group and saw that they sue tons of people (mostly from Cach LLC) but needless to say, that did not make me feel any better at all. I called my county clerks office and asked if I would know I was being served a summons and they said it would be listed in the public records page for the county and I searched both my current name and my maiden name and did not find anything.

I called back and spoke to a "George Kentanea" and he told me my current balance was $1583.92, from the $1403 and the $180. He said my account was "out for service". I asked what I had to do to take care of the account and he said if I wanted to pay the account then they would send me a settlement agreement (or something of those terms- I was honestly shaking and writing so fast that I don't know that I got all of it down correctly.) I agreed to pay $1000 in two payments of $500 and I told him I would be paying by cashier's check as I refused to give out my banking information. He gave me an address of

Mandarich Law Group
420 N. Wabash Ave
Suite 400
Chicago, IL 60611
and a phone number of 877-285-4918 which is in California.

He said that he noted that I would make a payment before March 10th, 2018 and another payment before April 10, 2018. I told him that I would send payments via mail with a return receipt requested, as well as a tracking number, and that I would send the cashier's check. He gave me the account number to include on the check. I asked if I could send it via Western Union or pay with a debit card and he said, "I wish, it would make my job a lot easier."

I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO AND I'M TERRIFIED OF A SUMMONS. I've been so stressed out about it all day that I cannot eat or think about anything else. I am not denying the debt, disputing the debt, or anything. I just do not want to be sued.

ANY advice at all would be much appreciated!!!!

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