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Hi. So I just got a voicemail on my cell from a CMG group that said I had a debt with them. Called them back (ph# 1-781-210-4247). Spoke with a lady named Natalie McCoy who stated that there was some type of loan taken out at an old address of mine (which I told her I haven't lived there since 2010). I asked her for more details as to who the original was, the amount, etc. She told me she didn't have that information but if I want to dispute she will pass along my information to St. Louis County. She was talking about me being sued, my employer garnishing wages, etc. I asked her multiple times for more info and she stated she couldn't discuss that with me. Obviously if it's something I do owe then I will pay it. She stated that her company collects on insufficient checks, payday loans, and other types of loans. So I have no clue what it could be. I want to be pro active. I do not want them contacting my employer. What do I need to do next? She told me they have been sending me stuff in the mail to my 7+ year old address. Obviously since I haven't lived there in over 7 years any forwarding address would have expired. Any help please?

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