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My niece just signed for a registered letter for me from King County Superior Court. The folks at Sutttell & Hammer are filing a Wage Garnishment against me for a bill that I have no knowledge of. I think they are attempting to collect an account I had like 10 years ago. I set up an automatic withdrawal from my checking account to satisfy the bill, the draws being $220.00 each month. After roughly 3-4 months the company quit taking the money out of my account. I tried calling them but the number I had was disconnected and I never received a response from their email about the account. I have not heard from anyone about that account ( I presume that’s what this is about ). What do I do now? I can’t afford an Attorney and am not sure that I even owe these people any money. The paperwork states that CACHE LLC is the Plaintiff but at the bottom of the paperwork it has all of Suttell & Hammer,P.S. contact info. It doesn’t seem right that court paperwork would have their info printed on the bottom like that. Now what??

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