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I apologize for this being a long story, but I have been searching for answers and was hoping this would help, so I figured I would tell my story. Maybe someone else has been in the same situation I have been in and can help.

Currently, I am sitting with $14,000 in credit card debt and cannot seem to make strides in paying it off. Last year I had lots of truck issues and house repairs that set me way back which is why I got to where I am at. My income is about 3k a month, which leaves me being able to put $500 towards paying my card off each month after bills (house, car, cell phone, insurance, etc.) However, I have a high interest rate which means I pay about $250 in interest charges a month on my card. On top of that, I have tried to stretch my money and not use my credit card, but have had to usually just because I did not have the funds to provide for basic needs at times. Recently, I have become very frugal. I have turned down opportunities to hang out with friends because it costs money, I've almost completely stopped going out to eat, and cut out spending money on me unless it was an absolute need. Needless to say, the last 6 months have been very depressing and restless because I do not see any way out of my situation.

I have considered several options, 1) trying to do a balance transfer with low or ever 0% intro interest if possible. But this means I would have to pay fees first and would be set back more, and there's always a catch. 2) trying debt consolidation, but the more I look into it, does not seem great for my situation. 3) Getting a low interest loan to pay off my debt, but then that means I have another loan to worry about for years.
I have also contacted my bank to ask for a lower interest rate, but was denied. If there is anyone that may be able to help with my situation or give me good advice, I would appreciate it. Thank you!

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