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I need a dmp FAST!!! Can you recommend a reputable and successful company that has a DMP?

I have $21K in CC debt and $53K in loans. I am not currently past due on any of my accounts, but I cannot keep this up. I am drowning in debt - most incurred from medical bills and trying to support family members who in hind sight, should have been taking care of themselves. But I want to look to the future. I just got a new job and will be on probation for another 9 months. Also, I now have a husband, and 2 kids of my own. At this point every penny I earn goes to debt and every month I am going into my overdraft. It is a horrible and STRESSFUL vicious cycle that I want to stop right now. My kids are young and I am 30 yrs old. I want to be rid of this as soon as possible, start rebuilding my credit and be able to make a better future for my children.

Any and all help is GREATLY appreciated.

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