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Since I am in the teaching field, I do not receive a regular paycheck during the summer months. That is what started my saga just about a year ago. Ever since my divorce, I had struggled to get my credit back into shape. I was doing pretty well until last summer when I had some unexpected expenses and my "savings" would not keep me up to speed. I was so afraid of letting some bills run a little late that I thought just one PDL would help me out. As we all know, one leads to two, two leads to three and so on and so forth. I thought that once school started again, I would be okay. Unfortunately, I got hit with one car repair after another and by January of this year I found myself unable to stay afloat. As a result of all this, all of my bills started to suffer and guess what, my credit took a real beating. I found this site, thank God, and was able to clear all my PDLs within 3 months. I am still working on making arrangements for all my legitimate bills and have put all my credit cards into a dmp, which I too resisted at first. Best thing I ever did! Other bills I had, student loans on my son and daughter's education have been given a forebearance. Others have reworked to catch me up and get me back on course. Yes, it's summer again and my income is limited, but so far so good. I have learned a valuable lesson in that half the things I think I need I only want. I am enjoying all the "free" summer stuff that is offered in the area in which I live. I stay home for dinners which are more economical and probably healthier. I spend tons of time with my two Boston Terriers. I work in my garden. I take daily walks. I watch movies on the Hallmark channel and all my old favorites on TV Land. Being content doesn't have to cost a fortune, or anything for that reason. I do gather with my friends at our local "watering hole" on Saturday nights and that is just enough to keep me happy. As for me, my plan is to never get myself in this position again.

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