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Does anyone know who this person, company or whatever is Walter Shefield? I listend to the voice mail and it says press one to speak to (someone). I do not like doing that, I donkt like this cloak and dagger crap.

I am behind on nothing, except a student loan in which I say it is paid off but Im sure there is someone out there who thinks other wise. Other than that, I am behind on nothing and owe NO ONE except normal monthly bills.

Please help!


I did a google and it came up a Elder law, estate, etc. Laywer. I had an old friend that I helped for 13 years and now this person is 85 but I could not deal with her anymore and I painful stopped seeing her. I kept telling her that I had a more than full time job 12 hours a day sometimes 7 days a week and I tried to see her on Sundays at least twice a month and that was not good enough for her. She was and mabye still is able to drive any where she wanted to go, and got around ok. I do miss her and hope she is ok. I wonder if that is what this is about?

Your help in this is very much appreciated.


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