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I have written you good people previously, and received some good answers, as well as getting good info from others questions. I hope you can help with my dilemma. I am in Illinois and currently have the following PD loans.
Check n Go; installment loan, 1500.00, payment due 337.00 this week, not paid anything on principal as of yet.
PD One-original loan $500.00, have paid 700.00. I want to pay them off during the next month, which will be about $300.00
I know both of the above are legal in IL.
My cash now-500.00 have sent $100.00
Cash direct express-450.00 have sent $100.00
Both my cash now and cash direct express, are not legal in Il, based on previous responses.
Quick Click loans, this is an installment loan, $1000.00, have paid $300.
Knowing that pd one and check and go are legal, I want to get them paid first. The problem is, between my mortgage, (which is already late and I am trying to get caught up on, my utlities, and my credit card companies harassing me, the best I have been able to do is rotate the payments between all of them.
Here is my question. Since my cash now and cash direct express are not legal in Il, (both are already with collection agencies, CPD and MG recovery, how long can I hold them off while I get the other loans caught up? I need to get my mortgage caught up, if I can't do that, I am going to have to file bankruptcy. I keep tell my credit card companies this, but they keep pushing and pushing until I finally make a minimal payment, which I could be using for the payday loans or my mortgage. This is a mess...any suggestions?
Thanks for your help, everyone!

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