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I have really bad credit and I feel overwhelmed and don't know what to do. It all started when I turned 18 and took out one credit card. I have always been very good with money, finances, and saving and thought that I would never be one to face credit problems. Growing up, my parents always struggled with bad credit and tons of bills…. mainly because my mom kept digging herself in holes she couldn’t get out of and my dad wasn’t aggressive enough to take hold of the finances although he wasn’t much of a spender. A couple of months after I turned 18, my mom took out multiple credit cards under my name online with my social and never told me. She ruined my credit before I had the chance to build it up and I have been paying for it ever since. I am 21 years old right now and the debt has escalated way over my head. I felt angry that I had this debt and basically left the burden on my mom to pay off which she promised but never got past paying more then just late fees and interest. When I turned 21, I felt the struggles of bad credit. Getting myself a car and apartment were almost near impossible and I struggled hard to get them both. I have matured a lot and have token the bills under my own control instead of waiting for someone else to pay them but I feel very overwhelmed. Trying to pay the debt, my car, insurance, rent, etc have become too much. I moved into my first apartment with a 1600 deposit. I now find myself with so many bills that I need to take out a loan to get back on track but have horrible credit. Does anyone know of any place I may go in order to take out a loan? I want to pay off everything and everyone who has lent me money and just worry about one payment a month. (TO THE PEOPLE ON THIS WEBSITE) your postings and helpful advice to others has touched me deeply. It’s nice to see people caring about other people. Please feel free to post comments..

-From the one who still has faith of a better tomorrow

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