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I just got a summons today saying that Bank of America is suing me for 6,000 roughly. Im 25 yrs old and made the mistake of taking out several credit cards a few years ago at a young age. I was in college for 4 1/2 years and also had about 20,000 dollars in student loans. I have a extensive history of anxiety and depression in my family. I thought i didn't get any of it until i was about 21. I started sleeping too much, missing class, giving up on everything. I stopped paying all of my bills and got really really behind. I struggled with them all for a few more years until i became so distraught by the fact that the only payments i could make only took care of the never ending interests. My depression made me feel hopeless. I still spent money though, the little that i made, on things to make me feel better. Shopping made me temporarily feel better. I grew up with a poor family so they cant help me. I work as a waitress in a small town so i barely make anything either. I had to stop going to school because of my depression. I couldn't make it to class even though i wanted to so badly. The school took away my loans and grants so i couldn't finish (even though i only needed about 18 more hours to get my degree). I was in a huge hole and became even more severely depressed. Ive been on so many medications since then. I came to the point where the only way to make myself feel better was to forget my debts. I acted like they didnt exist. It kept me from crying. I don't know what to do! I cannot pay this amount. Can i somehow tell them about my situation and get them to negotiate?? Im so lost.

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