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I got my free credit report at the end of 06. Finally, after 7 plus years of waiting for some old cc debts to drop off, they did. All of the collection agencies were removed as well. However, a couple weeks into 07 I received an attempt to collect a debt from a collection agency that bought the debt. Can they now, since it is a new company, add this information to my credit report engaging this into another 7 years and again messing with my credit? Or, since the original debt was past the SOL, they are not allowed to?? I have read here that it is possible that they can do that but all I need to do is contact the credit bureau to have them remove it due to the the debt being over 7 years. What is the case? I was also told that I should go ahead and send a cease and desist letter asking them to not contact me further on this debt or I will continue to receive letters and possible negative adds to my credit report.. should I?

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