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James Lombardo closed his forum today. Need to collect as much information from past and current clients as possible for Civil and Criminal actions against this crook. He has scammed hundreds of thousands of dollars from unsuspected clients. Most of you don't even know yet that you have been ripped off. Basically, all of the money that he has taken from your accounts this past 3 or 4 months to retire your debt was never sent to the credit card companies but diverted to his accounts so please check your credit reports or contact your creditors to make sure they were paid. Unfortunately, they probably weren't. He got about $12,000 from my account. email me at email removed so I can start accumulating information for the California AG and Orange County DA. Any lawyers out there want to take on a class action against this low life?

If you want to gather info here, guest, please register, it's free and doesn't require personal info. Then people can send you private messages and you can gather info that way. Goudah

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