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First < I live in FLA

Second < Just got service today by target (original debt 9400.00 )capital one ( origainal debt 3400.00)<
by the same law firm.

Capial one count summons is on oct 14 2008 and Target is a summons to reply in writing with in 20 days

I would like to try to settle this before going to count . Do I write a settlement letter and sent it to the law firm or do I sent it to the credit card company .

Had anyone settle a credit card on theie own ???

I do have other credit card debt past due as well but i'm to take care of this first

I really would like to trying to avoid bankruptry

I have not make a payment in over a year on either one . Over the last 18 mo things have happen beyond my control ie ( house burn down , sod business with going under and med bills)

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