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A couple of months ago I received a letter from one of my debt collectors. I opened up this credit card years ago from a furniture company (who is now closed and bankrupt). So anyway I believe this letter was from Jefferson Capital Systems...basically all it said was that if i paid 3 minimum payments of $113 i'd "qualify" to transfer the balance i owe onto a credit card with zero interest AND they'd give me a special credit offer. I thought it was a GREAT offer being that i wasn't able to afford to pay the whole amount off right away i signed up for it....i got my first statement to pay the first of the three "payments to qualify" but now i'm feeling iffy about the whole thing...and think it might be a scam... I've tried doing some research on the company but can't really find anything on it... I would really like to pay off my debt, but i can't afford to pay all at once, i don't qualify for a loan my credit is awful because of past mistakes! what do i do now? has anyone heard of the "fresh start solution program" that Jefferson Capital Systems offer?

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