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Well, I thought I would just give a brief update on our situation. We did file Chapter 7, and our creditor/trustee meeting is scheduled for August 21st. The relief from the constant phone calls has been very welcome! :)

Now for the whining . . .

Today my husband lost his job. Since I am currently unemployed also, that means that our only income is from his construction work that he has continued to do on the side. Since relying on that as his only source of income is part of what got us into the mess we are currently in, it's pretty doubtful that we will be able to survive on that for long (since it wasn't even enough when the construction industry was booming, which it definitely is not now). Jobs are hard to come by in our area since a large part of our population worked in either the real estate or the construction industries--and now they're all looking for jobs too. I've worked occasional part-time or work from home jobs, but for the most part I've stayed home with my kids and haven't worked full-time in several years, which will make it hard for me to find a job also.

And to top it all off, a lady backed into the side of our car in a parking lot today. This is the used car that we just bought a couple of months ago with borrowed money from my in-laws so that my husband had a car that would get good gas mileage for his 175 mile round trip commute to work. Now that he no longer has that job, the ideal thing to do would be to sell the car and pay back my in-laws, but now we'll have to put that off until we can get it repaired.

It just never seems to end! :(

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