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hello :D
i am a new member to ya'lls forum. HELLO!!!
I had some health problems. wound up in the hospital.
died twice, thank the lord they brought me back.
or why in the world did they? because of the illness i am disabled, i was bring in around 45k a year. now i am on a fixed income. of 1500.00 a month. the hospital wants there 10%
as do all the other dr's. ''some i have never heard of or seen''
but am assured, that they were there. ok..
i don't make enough money to pay them back. i don't make enough money to pay my household,car, ins mortgage,gas,lights ,water... i have no credit cards.'put a stop to that ,years ago'' if i pay bills, i cannot eat [not an exaggeration] so i pay the bills, i don't eat. not enough cash.
i have tried foodstamp program, ha ha ha ha. i make about
75 dollars to much!!!!!. i don't want to file bankruptcy.
but it looks like i have no other options. my credit is already ruined. because i have not paid them. should i just blow everybody off, ? for the next ten years.? i wont appling for any loans. can't pay em back. so what do i care about credit?
i guess iam depressed. i went from ''doing good''
to a bean eaten bum. overnite.

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