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:? I started receiving collection letters (my husband, that is) for lvnv funding llc stating that he owed $1410.00. The original creditor is listed as Aman-Norwest(wells fargo)F and the current creditor is LVNV Funding LLC with payment to be remitted to First Performance Recovery Corp. The first letter we received was about 6 months ago. If I am correct this is for a debt that was incurred in 1997 shortly after we got married and moved to Germany. After receiving about 3 letters stating the acct. was past due, this week I received another one stating that if we call now we ccan settle the acct. for only 423.20. I pulled my husbands credit report (he is currently deployed to the desert so cannnot handle this hiself) and cannot find this debt anywhere on the report. Is it possible tht it is past the SOL and has been removed from the reports? In this case, would it hurt his credit more to pay it and have it renewed on his cr as a paid co or would it actually improve his score even though it is not listed on the report? I know this probably doesn't make sense, f it doesn't let me know and i will try to clarify it better. We are hoping to have our credit cleared up within the next 8 years so we can buy a house when we get out of the military. Thanks so much! :?

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