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First of all, THANK YOU to the helpful folks who have been answering my questions - both those that I have posted, and all of the other forum members' questions which have turned into such a wonderful resource...

I have several "basic" Debt Verification questions that I'm hoping someone will share knowledge about...
(I'm in West Virginia, in the event anyone has any WV debt experiences / knowledge to share...)

I see it written that a consumer has only thirty days to file a Debt Verification Demand / Request. An attorney I spoke to recently (NOT a debt attorney) seemed to think that I could submit such requests after the 30 day time frame, and basically expect a response or for the Debt Verification process to proceed, despite the 30 day time period having passed.
Has anyone actually tried this? If so, did you have any success?

If the 30 days has passed, and you can NOT legitimately proceed, what can you do? Must you wait and "hope" that the debt is resold or transferred so that you receive a "new" debt / collection notice, then respond to THAT ONE within the 30 day time frame?

Is there any point in requesting validation of debts that a person suspects or knows are legitimate, once they have gone into collections?
(...or might this "wake up" collectors who have filed to sue / fully harass you?)

Once a creditor sues you, is there any point in requesting validation of the debt? (if the debt is / probably is legitimate)
If so, should you do that separately and immediately, or as part of the answer to the lawsuit summons?
Should any validation requests go to the creditor or the attorney for the creditor or both?

When you request validation of a debt that has been sold repeatedly, do you request validation only from the last / current "debt owner", or from everyone in the chain of debt ownership?

Any and all guidance in these areas will be immensely appreciated...

THANKS - notyour

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