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About a year ago I took a credit repair seminar and it was pretty descent. One thing that I learned was that about 80% of the time, you have a good chance to dispute any delinquencies on your CR. The guy that did the seminar said that most creditors keep their records stored for the past two years. And after that they store their records elsewere. he said If you dispute an account after two years that there is a good chance that there not going to spend the time to go look for your file if they have it stored elswhere, and if it's going to be a hassle to find your file, they wont spend the time. And you can then report it to the CB, saying that they couldn't prove your delinquency.

But my question to all this is, don't creditors keep all their info on computers and servers. Or since they have so many customers might they delete your info out of their system to make space for all the new customers?

Does any body have any comments about this, or does anybody know anything different?

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