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Special Announcement: Ellis Crosby and Associates are not following fdcpa so if you are getting phone calls from their agents, please handle with care. Signup for free counseling and handle all problems associated with Ellis Crosby and Associates smoothly.

I had gotten some payday loans, and i was unable to repay them as quickly as the loan companys would like. The intrest rate is 600% or more!
Ellis and Crosby says they are lawyers ( when they are just a collection agency) and they have been threatning to pick me up within an hour, if i cant pay right away. ELLIS and Crosby thinks i am a HABITUAL offender because the loan comapnys are screwing me. But what they dont realize is that these loan companys are charging extra if you dont pay ontime. My orginal amount was $200, Ellis and Crosby racked it up to $560, just so they could file a suit aginst me. Its like they are doing it on purpose. GOOD THING I WORK FOR A LAWYER, and i have been informed. :roll:
Ellis and Crosby has threatned to make me loose my job, and talk to my boss about it. In texas they cannot garnish wages without a court order. And they have totally violated a law.

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