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I am new to your site, but have found it very informative. I too have been contacted by CRSI. I told the individual that I have an attorney and have asked that they contact him. I did not have all the information in front of me, but gave them his name. They instead contacted my office again, telling the receptionist that they were filing a complaint against me, and then proceeded to get the physical address of my office. In fact, they have contacted my office twice since talking with them only yesterday. They then contacted I presume my references that I had provided on my loan application, one being my father. He said that they were very rude, asking for information about me and were very persistant. I called the company back and asked that the cease calling my office and my references and asked that they contact my attorney. The individual inquired whether or not the attorney was going to pay my outstanding debt. I asked her to contact him and that I will not talk with her anymore. She became very rude, and I ended up hanging up on her. I am worried that they will continue to call my work or try to get through to my boss - which would not be a good thing. They have asked for her, but the Receptionist is smarter than that. Furthermore, I believe my attorney may be on vacation due to the holidays. I am really new to this collection thing, and I was wondering if anyone had any advice they could offer.

Thank you.

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