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Please read my pathetic story!!
I move from Texas to Michigan. Before moving, I notified ATT to send me a box to send back their U-Verse equipment. They did nothing. I continued to remind ATT to send the box. Eventually on March 30, 2008, the box was sent. Next day, I package the equipment and sent it back to ATT through UPS (in the box they sent me).

They received the package on 4/10/2008 (per tracking detail). On 4/14/2008 I wrote ATT to inform them that I have sent back the box. Then, I felt all was concluded and I had peace. On the 4th of May, 2008, I receive a letter from CBA that I was owing ATT and that the debt has been assigned to them. They gave me 30 days to respond. I responded same date sending them copies of previous correspondences between ATT and I. Again, I thought all has been taken care of. I went to bed happy again.

On 6/25/2008 I read my credit report from the 3 reporting agencies only to discover that Collection Bureau of America (CBA) has splashed my name across all of them as a debtor. Same day I called CBA on phone. They requested that I fax copies of all documents. I faxed them all correspondences including the USP tracking detail that shows that ATT has taken delivery of the equipment.

I have made several calls to CBA. I had disputed the debt online with Experian and Equifax. The 2 of them returned their verdict: that the negative and fraudulent report will remain in their records.

I am frustrated. I owe nothing. I have had an impleccable credit history. Now CBA has messed up all that. ATT does not respond to requests. Neither is CBA interested in fixing it. I have all the evidence. I am being vanquished and mistreated.

Can somebody tell me if I have any other right in this matter. A friend says I can go to court. I have no money to pay an attorney. Is there nothing in US law and constitution that would restore my right to have an accurate report of my credit. I am helpless. I need help.

Thanks for reading.

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