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I posted this message on July 25th:

I'm posting this one today August 4th:

This company called me again on July 28th and offered me a settlement of $588.00 I mailed the payment that evening. I didn't even think to overnight the money order. I have been so stressed out and crying non stop and at my wits end. They said it had to be to them by the last day of July. Again with all the stress I just sent it postal mail. They called again today and wanted to know when I was going to pay the $392 I told the guy I accepted a settlement. He transfered me to the guy I originally spoke with and he said To Bad! The settlement payment was received on August 1st and now you owe the remaining balance of $392. I don't have anymore money to send them. I can't even afford my medication that I need. Now they are wanting $98 a month until this is paid in full. Please Help Me Somebody! I can't deal with this and the collection people are so rude and I have done everything that I can. I tried my hardest and this is about to push me over the edge for good. Please respond somebody! Please!

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