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They apparently bought an old Payday loan from another CA that my attorney was dealing with. I called to refer them to my attorney. I was told that I had raised to the next level. Ooooooh! I tried to tell Omar thatI did not owe this and proceeded to give him my attorneys name and told him he will have to validate the debt to my attorney. He went off on me like a crazy person. Said he does not have to contact my attorney or validate anything. Thats my job. Said he would see me in court. I told him that he was in violation of the fdcpa for continuing to talk after he was informed I was represented but he just kept ranting about my credit or something. I finally had to hang up on him. I won't see him in court but I will bet I will settle out of court with them in my favor.
The best was he told me the call was being recorded for quality purposes!

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