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OK im new here. :D

I had a credit card's i went delinquent on in 2006 and now im trying to get out of debt.the biggest one is.
A emerge mastercard 4500 limit now Midland funding llc owns and is suing me for 5700 ive called twice and tried to get a payment plan but they want full setlment upfront.also each time i call they give me a different number on what i owe.IM trying to avoid going to court with nothing in hand to defend myself as Im single and supporting my sister and her daughter.i Own the house we live in but ive tried to get a loan but No bank will give me one. :( I was served the other day.(guy just stuffed it in my mailbox and left)And have to be in court on the second.Also the letter came with a notice to defend but the letter doesnt go to the courthouse it goes to the lawer.Should i bother sending?

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