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I'm paying this compay capital recovery money every month. The girl that i'm dealing with has never presented herself to me as being a ca she uses the f!!K word like it's nothing. I have emailed them and they will not respond. She tells me that they send nothing by mail. Im afraid that if i stop paying them they will take me to court. Has anyone ever delt with this company. The oc was a ipdl "ftr" the amount that i borrowed was 500.00 capital recovery wants 800.00 but settled for 622.00 if i agree to the payment arangement of $20.00 twice a month for july and august and $42.00 september 15th and 100 on the 30 of september and another 200.00 in october 200 in november and 100 december 15th. I am willing to pay that but i can not get anything from them in writing telling me that. What should i do keep paying or stop.....

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