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Overstress is trying to figure out who i should pay first....i went down the list of my creditors. one by one, i called an was yelled at. At 8pm, i got on the phone with redline recovery service and they said i owe 4k. I told them it only reflect that i owe 2k on all three of my credit report. how the hell do they have 4k.

she said she can settle for the amount that is reflect on my Credit report but i had to give her it all now.

I told her i can't pay it. And she ask if i was employed. i stupidly said YES. she ask what company. i didn't disclosed the information and eventually hung up with her because she was badgering me and be littleling me.

Do you think they are going to try to garnish my wage????????can this figure out where i am employed at???

i;m so worried.

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